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The Namdharis also known as Kukas are an integral part of the Sikh community. Impeccably dressed in their white ensemble of Kurta and Churidaar Pyjama adorned with a traditional round white turban on top, they have their own unique identity. The Namdharis believe that Satguru Balak Singh Ji (1785-1862) whom Satguru Gobind Singh Ji blessed at Hazro (District Attock also known as Campbellpur, Western Punjab – Now in Pakistan) baptized Satguru Ram Singh Ji (1816-) and handed over the Spiritual mantle to Him during His army days itself.
Incarnated into the family of a hard working carpenter in village Raiyaan (Ludhiana-Punjab), Satguru Ram Singh Ji as a soldier of the Sikh Army during and post the Golden Age of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule (1837-1845), witnessed not only the treachery of the Dogras,

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